5 easy-to-make decorating ideas that will brighten your holiday season!

You will finally know what to do with all these tealights!

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Published 4 years ago
5 easy-to-make decorating ideas that will brighten your holiday season!
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If you are the kind of people to be ready several weeks in advance in the preparation of your Christmas Eve and other holiday parties, read this article immediately to make great decorations, they are easy to do and cheap. If you are more the kind of people to do everything at the "last minute", keep this article in your favorites: it will help you when you realize that the visit is coming soon and that you have not yet brought a festive touch to your decor!

Just remember to check that you still have these tealight boxes that you almost never use!

And take inspiration from these 5 ideas:

1. An upside down glass for a design candle holder

Material :

  • Wine glasses
  • Tealights
  • Small objects to decorate (cinnamon sticks, holly branches, mini gifts, figurines, Christmas ornaments...)

How to proceed:

Flip your wine glasses over and place a tealight on top of each one.

Depending on the theme you choose, add a small decorative element in each of the glasses: a holly or fir or eucalyptus branch, a few cinnamon sticks, a Christmas ornament, a mini-cactus, a mini-gift, a wooden figurine ...

You have here beautiful glass candle holders that will bring height and magic to your table for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve!

source: deco.fr

2. Kitchen salt for a snowy decor

To create the snowy landscapes of Christmas, fill a glass or jar with salt, and place a tealight candle out of its aluminum 'case', on top.

Add, if desired, some non-flammable decorative accessories. Your guests will love it!

source: deco.fr

3. A glass of champagne for a Scandinavian candlestick

What is wonderful about tealights is that they float! So, fill a few champagne flutes with water and put your candles in there, without their aluminum case.

For a "Wow!" effect, add a small fir, thyme or heather branch or a little Christmas decoration that does not float in the water.

If you have a glass salad bowl, you can fill it with water, add a few branches of holly and and add several floating candles: this is a perfect centerpiece for a natural Christmas.

source: deco.fr

4. Make a Christmas candlestick with a red apple

Do you want to keep all your glasses for your guests? No problem, use some apples!

Carve the center of the fruit and put the candles inside: in 2 minutes, you will have beautiful Christmas candlesticks. A perfect red ornament for a traditional Christmas.

source: deco.fr

5. Masking tape for personalized candles

If you have a roll of "masking tape" in a drawer, simply wrap some around the aluminum of your tealights and place them all over the house, on a small plate so that they do not burn anything. Easy as pie!

source: deco.fr

Keep these ideas for the holidays and you will have the most beautiful decoration!

Source: déca.fr