5 solutions to solve the problems faced by people wearing glasses

Good tips for those who wear glasses

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Glasses are very nice but sometimes it's annoying and you need to find solutions.

Here are some tips that will make life easier for those who wear glasses !

1. Have a comfortable pillow

What better than to lie comfortably on the side, to watch a good movie? The problem, when you need glasses to watch a movie, it's that they are very not practical, because of the arms of the glasses that press on the pillow.

To solve this problem, make your own pillow! Just take an ordinary cushion and attach two rectangles of foam with hot glue.

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Place a pillowcase over and put your head on the pillow. The void created by the rectangles will be perfect for the side of your glasses!

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2. Prevent glasses from sliding down

If you plastic glasses keep sliding down your nose, try this:

Heat the branches of your glasses with a hair dryer. This should soften the plastic, which you can bend a little so that the ends better fit your ears.

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3. Have a cloth to wipe the glasses

Unfortunately, self-cleaning glasses do not exist yet. To clean glasses, many people use the shirt’s hem or other piece of clothing. But it scratches the glasses!

We suggest you cut a small rectangle in a microfiber cloth and affix sticky strips. Then fix this soft rectangle inside your sweater or behind your tie, for example. You can clean your glasses when you want without scratching them !

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4. Repair a broken frame

Unfortunately, your frame is broken, you have two pieces in the hands, without the possibility of putting them on your nose. What can you do? If you have a plastic frame, try soaking both parts for a few minutes in acetone. Then, stick the two pieces together and this should help you out until your consult the optometrist.

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5. Fix earpiece

The little screw that held your glasses to the rest of the frame disappeared? While waiting for this to be repaired, attach it with floss. Awesome!

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Watch all these tips in the video:

Glasses Life Hacks

Useful life hacks for all who wear glasses. ? bit.ly/2otEgOd

Posted by Bright Side on Thursday, April 5, 2018