5 things you should never leave in your car during winter.

Never leave these items in your car.

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If you live in a country where winter is tough, there are certain rules to follow.

It can be tempting to leave some things in your car overnight to avoid forgetting them the next day.

However, there are some things you should never leave in your car in winter.

1- Electronic devices.

It is important to never leave your phones or computers in your car in the winter. Below 32 degrees this can be fatal for your electronic devices.

According to Apple, lithium batteries used in phones and computers are sensitive to cold. So keep these devices in your house!

2- Canned foods.

Canned food should be kept at room temperature. If food is exposed to cold, it may swell and weld may burst. This can create unpleasant surprises.

3- Soft drinks.

Everyone knows the effect that frost has on Coke. Indeed, gasification and cold do not mix and your Coke can blown up in your car!

4- The medicine.

According to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, medications must be kept at a temperature between 14 and 30 °C. If it's colder or hotter, the medications will not be effective anymore. Good to know!

5- Wooden objects.

Wooden furniture or instruments are sensitive to cold. Temperatures can indeed dry the wood and damage it permanently.

Now you know what you shouldn't let in your car!