6 original photos to take at the beach this summer

Have fun taking fake photos easily

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Your family vacation includes visiting the beach this summer? Have fun with the whole family by staging funny pictures and storing long lasting memories to look at when winter is back!

Here are 6 ideas to inspire you! To your devices!

  1. A giant bucket flying over Liliputiens

An optical illusion very simple to achieve. The photographer holds the bucket near the lens.

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2. The child who loses his head

Here is something to amuse siblings. Cover a child with sand (be careful!) up to the head. Another child bends over, carefully not to showing his.

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3. The giant sand castle

Lie down to photograph the beautiful castle made with the family, as well as the colorful shovel. Ask a clan member to stand far behind the sand structure. Beautiful illusion!

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4. The monsters of the sands

Take advantage of a game of shadows to draw eyes and mouths in the sand, in front of the "faces" of all the members of the family and here is a very original family photo!

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5. The perfect frame

With a carton or other packaging, make a frame. Or bring one from home. Then, tell your relatives to take their positions for the photo!

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6. Potted memories

Here is a nice gift idea, and cheap to top it off. Print a holiday photo and put it in a glass jar in which you poured sand and shells from the visited beaches... Grandma would be delighted!

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Of course you can find your own original and funny ways to capture your travel memories. The sand, the sea, the branches, stones and shells, in addition to objects brought with you (balloons, shovels, bottles, etc.) and sculptures in the rocks or in the dunes, or the animals passing by will inspire you!

The motto: do not seek perfection and have fun, again and again! Do not forget to take snapshots on the spot, without trying to organize everything. In the digital era, you can risk a lot of things without having to pay for a development that might disappoint!

Have a good summer at the beach!