7 simple and direct ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight!

If your metabolism is slow, you will never succeed in losing weight!

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If you plan to lose weight and improve your general health, your primary concern should be your metabolism: if it works in slow motion, no diet, no diet will succeed in making you lose weight.

So here are 7 ways to give a boost in the right direction to your metabolism so that it plays its role as a calorie burner.

Drink more!

If you do not drink enough water, your body will burn fewer calories and your liver will have to work much harder to restore balance.

Eat organic!

GMOs that use antibiotics and growth hormones slow the metabolism of the human body, so start choosing your fruit and vegetables from the organic food counter or even better, feed directly to an organic farmer who grows a large variety of products. Avoid as much as possible processed foods and ready-made meals that also impair the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Get up early!

The body is directly influenced by the day/night cycle: the metabolism and the energy spent in a day depend on the respect of this cycle. Getting up early will help your metabolism to regulate and function better.

Move more!

We always come back to this: we must move to activate the metabolism. So walk, dance, climb steps, etc. Each time you do something, your metabolism also activates and burns calories.

Prefer certain foods!

Your particular diet should include dairy products since they provide the calcium that's needed to burn fat and increase muscle mass. Calcium also helps in the absorption of iron which is necessary for a good circulation of oxygen in the blood. [pub]

Feed correctly!

You should eat every 3 to 4 hours, so 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Gradually reduce your servings, but do not cut drastically into everything you eat, your body will react by storing fat instead of burning it. Cut into high-calorie snacks, reduce your servings to meals and add fruit and vegetables, your metabolism will start up the right way!

Eliminate stress!

Stress is fattening because it directly affects the functioning of the metabolism. Under stress, the body makes reserves "just in case" by slowing down the metabolism. Look for calm and relaxation as often as possible, you will have one more weapon to lose weight!