7 Surprising signs of Lyme disease that should never be taken lightly!

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You can get Lyme disease, just by walking outside. But the disease is not as pleasant as walking outside, it's a proper nightmare!

Ask the 30,000 people who are diagnosed each year according to the CDC.

The main problem that prevents us from making a good diagnosis on this disease is that several symptoms tend to go unnoticed. These are also symptoms that can be recognized in a person who has a very busy lifestyle or who is suffering from another illness.

It is quite normal to sweep away our problems by telling us that everything is going well! That feeling bad from time to time is not so serious ...

However, Lyme disease and the nervous disorders it can cause are very important, so it is important to become aware of the symptoms, especially if you live in the northeast or midwestern United States or down Of Canada, where most Lyme cases are found.

Alone, some of these symptoms are not to be feared, but the combination of all these symptoms could definitely be a problem.

Here are 7 symptoms not to ignore:

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You probably know that Lyme disease comes from ticks, but what disease is it exactly? The VDV explains that the disease is spread by a sting and by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi.

The disease can cause a multitude of symptoms, which is why it is difficult to determine because they are similar to other common diseases and conditions, such as flue or arthritis.

1st symptom: Rash

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During the summer, insect bites are not to be feared. But if a bite spreads and becomes clear in the middle, it is a sign of Lyme disease. According to CDC, this type of rash is called erythema and it occurs in only 75% of cases that contract Lyme disease.

2nd symptom: Muscle pain or stiffness in the neck

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You can have a stiff neck by working seated or in a poor posture after a long day at work. But a stiff neck is also a symptom of Lyme disease because it causes painful inflammation. Consider this sign as a signal, or a red flag that you have been stung if you have a neck pain, and experience other symptoms after spending some times outdoors.

3rd sign: General Weakness

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As Lyme disease attacks the muscles, it is quite normal to feel a little lethargic and weak in general after being stung by an infected tick. Again, if this symptom adds to the list, do not neglect it. Normal muscle pain should disappear after a few days, the pains associated with Lyme disease will remain and you will suffer as if you had a flu.

4th Symptom: Headaches

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It is not uncommon to be slightly dehydrated in summer spending our days in the sun, and this can cause headaches. However, if you notice that your headaches are worse than usual, consider them perhaps as a symptom of Lyme disease. And if these headaches seem to extend over your neck, see a doctor!

5th Symptom: Memory Problems

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We all forget stuff from time to time. But if you forget to the point where your daily life is disrupted, that may be a sign. If you have noticed that you are more distracted or you often forget stuff and that you are not able to remember anything, talk to your doctor to see if Lyme disease would be the cause of these symptoms.

Symptom 6: Swollen joints

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Swollen muscles or swollen joints are part of life when you get older. But be sure they're not linked to Lyme disease. See a doctor.

7th Symptom: Tingling

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Having a tingling sensation can be scary, but we've all already had tingling in our feet or hands one day or another. However, if the continuous tingling, especially for no apparent reason, is definitely alarming. Tingling comes from the nerves and can also be a symptom of many important diseases and Lyme disease, and therefore consulting a doctor is a good thing.

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