7 tips for a flat stomach faster than you think!

To lose weight differently ... and effectively!

Tips and Crafts

To help you lose those few stones and wear your favorite clothes, you pay attention to your diet and you do exercises, and yet, it does not move fast on the scale ...

I know what it is, it is a little annoying to make efforts without seeing results. So I've found tips and tricks that you probably do not know and are known to actually help with weight loss, especially in the stomach.

Chewing gum. Stop chewing gum! I know it's funny to say, but when you chew, you swallow air and when you swallow air, you have gas and bloating! In addition, some chewing gums open the appetite, which we would rather avoid! So no more chewing gum!

The mouthclosed. It's not only more polite, it's also a way to have a flat stomach: close your mouth when you eat! To chew while speaking, therefore, by breathing, causes to swallow as much air as food, and inflates the stomach.

Salt.Stop the salt! Our total salt consumption is so much higher than it should be for our health! Especially as the salt causes water retention that makes swell ... There are only good reasons to stop the salt, it's an advantage and it will help you to have a flat stomach!

Probiotics. We all should have instestine that works well. But when you want a flat stomach, it becomes a necessity! Add probiotics to your daily diet or take quality supplements. Probiotics will provide the intestines with good bacteria, facilitate intestinal transit and reduce bloating that swells the stomach.

Broccoli, cauliflower and Co. It's not because crucifers are not good for health, on the contrary. But broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Co. contain raffinose, an ingredient that releases gas at the time of digestion. Do not deprive yourself, but just avoid consuming them on evenings when your clothes are too tight! [pub]

Sleep more. There is a direct link between sleep and weight. If you do not get enough sleep repetitively, your body will keep fat to compensate. The ideal is to follow a relaxing and stable sleep routine.

Cook more. Speaking of salt: processed foods contain a ton of salt! There is also a lot of sugar and fat in the ready-made foods sold in grocery stores, ans they contain lots of calories! By cooking more, you will reduce the calories because you will choose your ingredients, you will pay attention to salt, sugar and fat and especially, you will avoid ingredients that you do not want to eat anyway!