7 tips that ALL drivers need to know!

Simple tips, but very useful!

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7 tips that ALL drivers need to know!

It is always difficult to keep the car very clean, especially if you have children!

Here are seven ways to keep your vehicle clean and organized:

# 1: To keep your cup holders cleaner, place muffin tins inside.

# 2: Are you more than one driver and you have to constantly adjust the seat of the car? Glue a piece of tape to mark your ideal position.

# 3: Is it dinner time and you bought some pizza? Before putting the box on the passenger seat, place two water bottles underneath.

# 4: Do you get tired of your items falling from your grocery bags and finding themselves in the car trunk everywhere? Put a basket in the trunk of your vehicle.

# 5: Still wondering which side is your gas tank? Look near the fuel gauge, there is an arrow that tells you!

# 6: Parking the car in the garage can be a difficult challenge when you are limited in your space. To avoid scratching the car, place strings on the ceiling towards the ground to indicate the limit.

# 7: Are you trying to open your car trunk from a distance, but are you too far? Wait, there may be an option. Place your key under your chin, stick it on your throat and press again.