8 adorable egg recipes just in time for the holidays!

There is so much more than deviled eggs!

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Eggs are the perfect ingredients for cold buffets, starters and appetizer for Christmas and New Year's parties! All you have to do is decorate them nicely by giving them a little festive touch!  

To impress all your guests, here are 8 adorable ways to serve stuffed eggs. You can try one or all of these wonderful ideas! 

1. Cute Snowmen 

Use toothpicks to hold them together and decorate with carrots, parsley and peppercorns. 

Roxy's Kitchen

2. Egg Mushrooms 

Add some color to your buffet with cherry tomatoes! Make small dots with mayonnaise and you get some very cute mushrooms!

Roxy's Kitchen

3. Little Chicks

How adorable! Boil and peel your eggs, then cut a small slice in the bottom part creating a base (so the chicks can stand up). Cut a slice at the top about 1 or 2 cm from the top (for the hat). Remove the egg yolk and mix it with mayonnaise or other ingredients of your choice. Put the egg yolks mixture in a plastic bag and fill the inside of the eggs. Place back the head, use carrots for the legs and nose, and black peppercorns for the eyes. 

She Knows

4. Adorable Penguins

They are so easy to make! The head and fins are made with eggplant skin, and the rest is just carrots and peppercorns!

Roxy's Kitchen

5. Cute little mice

Use thin slices of radish to make the ears and green onions for the tails. Don't forget the cheese! 


6. Adorable Owls 

These cute little owls are with spinach leaves, bits of carrots and slices of black olives. Very impressive, right?


7. Eggs in a Dip 

If you are serving a dip or hummus, put a few eggs directly in it! It is so funny and cute! 


8. Small Roosters 

Cut a small slit on the top of the egg. Make the ridge with carrots. Use black peppercorns  for the eyes and decorate with spinach or lettuce. 


How do you prepare eggs for the holidays? What is your favourite recipe?