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8 birds to observe in your garden this autumn.

And how to attract them!

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While the trees are shedding their leaves, having adorned themselves in their most beautiful colors, the garden is not deserted either. You can actually admire some species of birds.

While some have flown to destinations where the weather is milder, others will spend the fall in our gardens. Here are 9 species of birds that you can observe.

1. American Greenfinch

Its greenish, grayish and yellow plumage makes it easy to recognize. Know that the greenfinch loves to eat. Offer them plenty of food in the garden if you want to appreciate their beauty this fall! 


2. Chaffinch

The chaffinch is a bird that likes to be found in groups, with other species. If you are lucky enough to have a wood near you, you might be able to see a few wandering around.


3. Red Crossbill

The crossbill likes to take refuge near conifers. Perhaps the opportunity to see some sheltered in the pine hedges. Feeding mainly on pine cone seeds, it is generally found at the top of trees.


4. Eurasian blue tit

The blue tit is back in the fall! Happy to find their bird feeder, make sure to fill it with berries, seeds and delicacies hanging from the trees.


5. Goldfinch

The goldfinch really stand out thanks to its colorful plumage ranging from red to black through white, brown and yellow. Do not pull your weeds out of the garden, this bird will take care of removing them by gobbling them up.


6. Bullfinch

The bullfinch can be recognized by its orange-red body and its very black head. This bird is fond of seeds and berries.


7. Robin

The robin is a territorial bird that does not like the presence of other birds. On the other hand, they tolerate human presence. It is therefore relatively easy to approach them. However, beware of cats who position themselves as real predators!


8. Great Spotted Woodpecker

The Great Spotted Woodpecker is recognized by its black and white color and its iconic noise that resembles a "kik". Set up nesting boxes on the trees so they can find refuge in the fall and winter.

What is your favourite season? Do you like to observe the birds in the beautiful fall foliages?