8 tips to help you have a “good hair day” every single day!

“3. Use conditioner before shampoo”

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Do you have good and bad hair days? If you want to have more good than bad days, simply follow the tips below! They are game-changing in taking care of your beautiful locks. 

1. Don't shampoo too often

If you have dry hair you should not wash it daily or even every other day! By washing it less often you will preserve all the good natural oils in your scalp. You can also only rinse your hair instead of shampooing it. In fact, using shampoo has only a cosmetic purpose as it removes oil which is essential  for healthy hair. 

2. Rinse longer and use less shampoo 

You should always rinse your hair for at least one minute before starting to shampoo it. It will allow the shampoo to lather much better resulting in using less of it - which is better for your hair!

3. Use conditioner before shampoo

This might sound crazy but your should use conditioner before shampoo! Doing this reverse routine works for a lot of people's hair much better than the traditional way. It might work better if you have fine hair and are looking for more volume. 

4. Do not shampoo the ends

Roots are the oiliest part of your hair and it is where you should be applying the most shampoo. There is no need to put additional shampoo on the ends as it might damage it and make it look even drier. 

5. Do not scrub with your nails

Because hair is more fragile when its wet, you should avoid scrubbing it too hard or using your nails. This could even lead to scalp infections. A gentle massage with your fingers or palms is all you really need. 

6. Use lukewarm water

Using hot water on your hair can make it easier to break and even weaken the roots. It is best to use lukewarm water and to finish off with cold water!

7. Apply conditioner only on ends

If you put conditioner on the roots or all over your hair, it will mostly make it look even more oily. You really only need it on the ends.

8. Brush your hair when its dry 

Once again, when your hair is wet it is at its weakest state. That is why its better to wait until its dry to brush it.  Also avoid to rub it aggressively with a towel, a gentle pat is more than enough. 

There you go! We hope these tips will help you have that shiny hair you always wanted. 

What is your current hair routine?