9 make-up mistakes that prevent you from having the beautiful look you dream of!

I admit it, I commit some of these mistakes ... Do you?

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Even if you do not wear makeup often, you know how eye makeup can turn into disaster!

You want to do well, there are many of us (even myself!) that make mistakes. The problem is that these mistakes do everything but highlighting our eyes.

Eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup that is often very poorly executed.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes and their solution!

Pencil badly sharpened. A pencil must be sharpened before every application. A pencil that is too thick makes a big line and ruins the look. Always start with a thin line, then repeat a second time to get the desired intensity.

Color Eyeliner. If you apply a colored eyeliner on the upper eyelid, you should never put some on the lower eyelid. Only black should be applied to the line of lower lashes.

Symmetry. Better is a fine symmetrical line than a larger irregular line. Less is always better than too much!

Liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner should never be used on the lower eyelid because it tends to pour. If you like, take a pencil to accentuate the line of the lower eyelashes.

Use by date. This is the most common mistake of all: using a product that should be thrown away and replaced! Not only does the liquid eyeliner dry and thicken, but in addition to being used, the product is contaminated by dust and dirt. A liquid eyeliner costs about $10, replace it!

Skin. We should never see any skin between the eyelashes and the tracer line. Fill this space!

Cat Eye. It takes a lot of practice to make a perfect cat eye, but remember that the line must end up, never down, following the curve of the eyelid. If you do that, you will look tired! And here, we have a trick to succeed beautiful cat eyes! [pub]

Stretching the Eyelid. Do you stretch your eyelid to apply the eyeliner? You should not ... It's the best way to draw an irregular line and have to fill up the holes! Apply the line without touching your eyelid, your line will be much better.

Lower Eyelashes. Contrary to what many do, you should never put a pencil on the white part of the inside of your lower eyelid, you should rather follow the line of the eyelashes.