9 ways to be well organized

Organization tips!

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If you have children or teenagers who need to be organized to manage all their activities, their studies and their school program, you will find all these ideas very inspiring.

But you will also enjoy several interesting ideas for you too!

Because many of these ideas are very useful to organize the schedule of an adult and for the home as well.

Here are 9 ways to get organized:

1) Make a memo board that you'll fix inside a cabinet door with scraps of ribbons.

Source: momtastic.com

2) Don't waste a single minute looking for the second shoe in the wardrobe!

Source: EPBOT

3) Get all the small sauce plastic pots to organize the kitchen drawers with small items. Buy labels to identify them

Source: housebyhoff.com

4) Get the boxes of Tic Tac candy to store the ribbons and no longer find them tangled!

Source: voilivoiloumescreations.com

5) Get the cereal boxes to organize the mail!

Source: vintagepaintandmore.com

6) Get the VHS cases to make a cute storage case!

Source: smallfryandco.blogspot.ca

7) Get toilet paper rolls to store any excess wires in a box in a closet. Don't forget to identify the rollers!

Source: ourthriftyideas.com

8) Use Sharpie fine point felt and Decorative Washi tape to identify all the plugs of your electronic devices. So you will find the right plug when you connect your device.

Source: thechicsite.com

9) Use a whiteboard marker and plastic wrap to make an erase board!

Source: diyprojects.com