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A 50-year-old woman is sick of people telling her that she is too old to dress like a teenager!

Do you believe we should dress according to our age?

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Fifty-something Lonni Pike proudly wears tattoos, Hello Kitty shoes and ripped jeans. She invites everyone to do the same, to express themselves through their style regardless of their age!

Who decided that from a certain age you could no longer wear certain clothes or wear makeup?

Society seems to have agreed on fashion rules that tell us that we should stop wearing certains clothes after a certain age - like if we had reached an expiration date! However, this is not the case for Lonni Pike who is behind the TikTok account @grayhairandtattoos

She has chosen to ditch those rules and proudly wear her tattoos, Hello Kitty shoes, and adopt an overall style would resemble what you might call a "teenage look"; at least that's what some people are commenting on her videos. 

Recently, she went viral for making a video in which she responds to her detractors. Tired of regularly receiving comments that she should "accept her age" and stop "wanting to look like a teenager." She decided to answer them, and in doing so, Lonni went viral with her inspiring, anti-ageist take on fashion. His video reached 2 million views in 48 hours!

"Wear what you want" is the message that Lonni hopes to share to everyone online. 

At fifty, life should not be over! So next time you are shopping, do not think if you "can" wear this or that piece "at your age" simply ask yourself if you feel like wearing it! There is not expiration date on clothes! 

What do you think? Do you believe people should dress "their age"? When is it considered inappropriate to wear fun colours and tight clothing?