A brilliant woman teaches us a tip with paper towel that could save a life

Every drivers should be aware of this!

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Published 5 years ago
A brilliant woman teaches us a tip with paper towel that could save a life
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Here are 5 very important safety tips to know about your car!

The windows:

Did you know that it takes only 22 pounds of pressure to break the trachea of a child? And that engines that go down and up the windows in our cars have between 30 and 80 pounds of force? This means that if a child rests a knee on the window mechanism as he looks out, the head out of the vehicle, he may get stuck in the car and the window will continue to close with the weight of his body on the button.

This incident, unfortunately, happened with a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old toddler.

But the most dangerous engines are those activated by a single movement! A single press of the button and the glass goes up at once, without stopping!

Do you have a security system that self-reverses the movement of the window if an object or a human would obstruct the window? You can do the test with a roll of paper towel!

With this tip, you will know if you have a security system!

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Activate the safety system to be able to engage the car:

For the next test make sure the gear is locked. It is also called the "BSTI." This safety system is very effective since it is necessary to press the brake pedal to be able to engage the car.

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Beware of carbon monoxide:

Cars are so sophisticated nowadays that you do not even need keys anymore! We push a button!

And the engines are becoming quieter. We do not even hear them when we are in the car, and this is dangerous! You might be sitting in your car for long minutes and think you fall asleep, when in fact you are intoxicating yourself and eventually dying!

Therefore we suggest putting an alarm system for carbon monoxide, not only in the house but also in the garage.

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How to break a car window:

Get yourself a glass breaker!

This tool contains a blade that cuts the belt very quickly, and it will also allow you to break a car window. Watch the video!

It is called the ResQme and it is a key chain.

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Do not stay locked in the trunk:

If you are ever locked in the trunk of a car, hopefully, it's a model made after 2002. You will find a phosphorescent key that will allow you to open the trunk from inside and save you!

Push or pull the key to activate the safety mechanism! Now, as this piece is phosphorescent, if it has not seen the light of day for a while, you may not see it.

Memorize the shape of it and remember it will be in a small hole near the outside lock of the trunk. Touch it!

Watch all these tips, in the video!