A couple spends $ 40,000 to turn an old truck into a mobile home and the result is spectacular!

The interior of this truck is amazing!

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A huge transformation!

For most of us, the goal in life is to have a home, an apartment, but this young couple from Nottingham, UK, decided to do things differently.

As the two love to travel and their jobs include being outdoors; they decided they needed a house that could travel with them.

So, after "a few beers" and wacky ideas, an idea came to Martin's head: he should buy a big American RV. It turned out that the idea was not so bad but that Martin and Iona could do better. So they decided to get a truck in which they could live in.

Take a look, the result is amazing!

A house to travel

Meet Iona Stewart and Martin Hill, a couple from Nottingham who love snowboarding. Recently, the couple of travelers decided to buy an old Hovis delivery truck which they could use both for travelling and living

On eBAy

The couple bought the truck on Ebay for about $ 6,000 and decided to invest about $ 40,000 for its transformation. What a beautiful project!

And the transformation begins

It's a good idea to transform a truck, but the couple has to know how and where to start? It turns out that the couple did the whole project. You can see the beginning of the work in this picture.


This is what the truck looks like now. Martin and Iona plan to live there and save money on their accommodation while traveling across Europe. From the outside, we can't believe that there is a beautiful house on wheels inside!


Let's start the visit with the kitchen. How do you find it? I must admit that I would not have thought of finding such a kitchen in this truck! The modern style is perfect for this type of home. Look at the kitchen sink! Wow! Do you want storage? There are some. Do you want a stylish kitchen ? Here it is ! What else?

The kitchen, other picture

While Martin did most of the labouring, Iona designed the interior of the truck.

A transformation of 4 months!

The couple spent four months on the transformation of this truck. Four months full time! Here is another picture of the kitchen.

The living room

You might think that the living room serves as a bedroom, but it is not the case! The door you see in the picture, leads to the bedroom! Isn't it fantastic? The house on wheels even has a woodburning stove!


I did not expect to see a closed bedroom in this truck and you? I think it's a very good idea!


We find a small but very functional bathroom at the back of the truck. They thought of everything! There is also a shower but we do not see it on these photos.

What do you think of this truck ?

The couple is currently traveling in France. Isn't it a good life to be able to work and travel at the same time? Feel free to share and leave us your impressions of the visit!