A fun and creative way to display your favourites pictures; in jars!

Here are 8 ideas to inspire you!

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A fun and creative way to display your favourites pictures; in jars!

Do you have special pictures that require a special frame? We all have those kind of memories that we want to cherish forever. Instead of putting them in a boring picture frame, display them in a more original way; in jars! They will add a special decorative touch to any room!

Here are 8 ideas to inspire you. 

1. Upside down jars

Simply put pictures in jars of various size and put them upside down!


2. Glowing photo jars

You can find the instructions here.

our best bites

3. Memory photo jars

Use the sand and rocks from the beach you got married to create this beautiful memory pieces!

going the distance

4. Mason Jar 

The easiest craft ever, simply put your favourite pictures in Mason jars! Display them proudly in the living room. 


5. Vellum over glass

For this craft you will need to print your picture on vellum paper. Simply wrap the picture around a glass and put a candle inside. Lovely! For more details click here

The vintage pearl

6. Photo candle holder

Find the detailed instructions for this craft here

7. Memories in a jar 

Keep your most memorable moments in a jar! Don't be afraid to decorate the jar. 

goods home design

8. Beach in a jar

Here's a lovely keepsake! Collect sand or seashells from your trips to create this beautiful DIY jar. 

the country chic cottage

Do you love making your own decoration? We sure do love special homemade keepsake!