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A great company is installing beehives in houses for a brilliant reason.

An idea that could change our planet.

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Bees are essential to life on Earth. Indeed, scientists explain that if they disappear, it would be a total disaster for the planet.

Unfortunately, the analyzes show that the bee population is constantly declining and it is obviously the fault of humans, particularly because of urban environment and industrial agriculture.

So now WE have to do everything we can to save them.

And that's exactly what BEEcosystem company is trying to do.

BEEcosystem offers its customers to decorate their house in a very original and ecological way with beehives.

Yes yes, beehives!

Moreover, these decorative beehives can be installed vertically on a wall.

It is possible to buy only 1 beehive or you can also buy several beehives and assemble them together.

These allow bees to increase their population and encourage them to maintain proximity with humans.

For those who are afraid of bee stings, they have nothing to fear because these hives have been specially designed to the human safety.

So beehive owners can watch their little bees doing their work.

No need to let your windows open to let them going out, because a special tube system allows them to come in at any time.

In addition, they will be able to watch them build honeycombs and of course ... harvest honey!