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A journalist warns the public about the use of an air fryer

He seems to have a very clear opinion on the subject

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Martin Lewis, an English journalist, warns the public about the use of an air fryer, according to LADbible.

For those who don't know him, Martin Lewis is an English financial journalist. He is known for founding the website, which he sold in 2012 to the group for about 87 million pounds, equivalent to about 147 million Canadian dollars.

Martin Lewis's advice and recommendations often stir up numerous reactions among our British friends.

This time, in his podcast, the journalist decided to talk about the use of air fryers and he seems to have a very clear opinion on the subject.

According to him, it can be more interesting, economically speaking, to cook food in an air fryer rather than in an oven.

He claims that "generally", air fryers are "cheaper to use" than an oven, according to LADbible.

However, the 50-year-old man still nuances his words by explaining that some very powerful air fryers can use about the same amount of energy as an oven.

"The most important factor is the amount of food you cook," emphasizes Martin Lewis.

"If you cook something small and simple, it's probably cheaper in the microwave and in the air fryer," he says.

So, in the future, don't try to save electricity with your air fryer if you have to cook many dishes, your oven may be more economical!