A list of foods that never expire

Don't throw these foods, they are always good!

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The expiry date is the date on foodstuffs that may, after a certain period, present a hazard to health. 

But did you know that many foods can be consumed anytime, even after the expiry date? Discover the list of products that you shouldn't put in the trash:


Pasta is made from durum wheat semolina. That's why we can keep pasta in their packaging for several years. Once the package is open, place it in an airtight container away from heat and moisture.


The shelf life varies according to the different varieties of rice. The shelf life of raw rice and brown rice is limited because of their high levels of fat and protein. However, white rice can be eaten several months or even years after the expiry date.


Be aware that sugar can be stored for several years as long as it is kept in an airtight container, protected from light and moisture. In fact, this product never rots because bacteria can not grow there.


Chocolate can be safely eaten after the expiry date. For this, just keep it in an airtight container, away from cold, heat and light.


When the honeypot is stored in a cupboard away from light, you can keep it indefinitely. As honey has natural antibiotics, it is a very stable food.


When we talk about salt conservation, we have to worry about preserving its quality over time. Although it is imperishable, salt is on the other hand a magnet to humidity. To avoid this, simply mix dry grains of rice with your salt.

White vinegar

It's not only to clean the house, white vinegar is also used in cooking for marinades and salad dressings. Keep it tightly closed in a closet away from light.


Keep your legumes away from light and moisture, and keep them longer.


Canned foods can be consumed several years after the expiry date. Provided that they do not have bumps or rust.


Used, among other things, to thicken sauces, you can keep your cornstarch forever. Be sure to keep it away from light and in a tightly sealed container to avoid moisture.

Vanilla extract

Pure vanilla extract can be kept forever. You will never need to throw a drop. But for the product to retain its flavor, keep it in a cool place, in a closet away from light and in an airtight container.


Spices do not perish. On the other hand, they can lose their taste and become bland. But no risk to your health. So you can season your favorite dishes even with spices dating back several years.

Maple syrup

In addition to perfectly accompany the pancakes, maple syrup does not expire. If you keep it in the freezer it will keep all its flavor for years.


Keep away from light, strong alcohols are kept extremely long. They will lose some of their aroma, but not enough for you to notice.