A man builds his dream home inside an old ambulance!

You have to see the inside! It's better than a real house!

Tips and Crafts

Michael is young man of only 28 year old who's hobby is to transform buses and other vehicles into mobile home. His last project is probably the most impressive, he transformed an old ambulance into his dream house on wheels!

He spent one year living in a van prior purchasing his old ambulance on the website Craiglist. The ambulance is actually an 1992 Ford E-350 which was serving in a small-town in Tennessee before it was retired.

The former ambulance was used by a landscaping company before Michael purchased it. He had to start by cleaning everything out and start from scratch. 

The young man started by creating a plan of his future dream home which wasn't a hard task for Michael as he is an illustrator. 

He then had to cut a hole in the roof to put a fan ventilation - he admitted it was kind of nerve wrecking.

Michael opted for a classic wooden look on both the floor and ceiling. 

Michael created a floating built-in fridge so he doesn't have to bend down to get stuff from the lower compartments! And as a bonus it looks pretty good.

He created a backsplash with with an aluminium sheet and copper paint.  The countertop is a thin coat of concrete on top of wood to create a marble look.

Michael had to create a bench in the back to be able to fold out the bed when unused. The result came out pretty perfect as it turns out almost as big as a king bed sized bed!

If you think living in a mobile home is boring, Michael can prove you wrong! He even has Netflix in his ambulance. 

The only downside to mobile homes is the lack of bathroom and shower according to Michael. For this project, he wanted to have his own shower so he created a way to put  a pump built-in to the hose, which can be connected to any water source so he can shower!

Michael wanted a vintage look for his dream home, so he picked a green and white look. 

Take a look at some pictures of the final result:

What do you think of Michael's hard work?

The mobile home life might not be for everyone, but Michael doesn't seem like he is missing a thing! Would you be able to live in a vehicle?