A man buys an old airplane and turns it into his home.

Take a look at this unusual home!

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A man buys an old airplane and turns it into his home.

Bruce Campbell from Hillsboro, Oregon converted a Boeing 727 into is home and now resides in a forest near Portland.  The retired engineer has a passion for remodelling old airplanes and that is how he created his unique home. Are you curious to see how it looks like? Take a look at the pictures below:

He purchased the plane back in 1999 in Athens, Greece for $100,000 USD. He then moved the plane to his 10 acres land in Oregon this hard task cost him an extra $120,000 USD. 

Bruce Campbell kept the original stairway to enter the plane, the only renovation he did : adding a space to put his slippers as he would not walk with his shoes on inside the plane. The guests are excepted to do the same as Bruce has several pairs of slippers for visitors. 

The now retired engineer lives a simple life; he sleeps on the couch and cooks with only a microwave and a small toaster oven. His diet is manly composed of cereals and canned foods. 

He even built a shower inside the plan by merging an old electric meter with the old power cable, then he mounted a new circuit breaker box inside the aircraft with a telecommunication cable, a PVC pipe and a backup water pipe. This allows him to brush his teeth and shave with clean water!

He even invented a way to have a washing machine!

The cockpit is Bruce's favourite part of the plane, he likes to play with the command as he is a Star Trek fan. He also likes to relax, read and plan his future invention while admiring the view. 

Even if he lives in a plane, Bruce still has to mown the lawn, he takes special care of the exterior and even has a garden. He wants the perfect environment for his plane. 

Guests are welcomed in Bruce's home, he is always very happy to show his plane. He even has a website where guest can book a day to come see the unusual home!

Would you be interested to live in an unusual home like this or perhaps only visit? Maybe on the next "Turbulence: A Dance Party at a Plane in the Woods"  a party organized by Bruce and his friends from Murderboat Productions.