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A man paid $400k to literally move a house 7 blocks away in San Fransisco!

It is indeed a 139 year old Victorian house that has changed its address!

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A 139-year-old Victoria house has been relocated a few streets, 7 blocks away to be more precise, in San Francisco with the help of a large team of  engineers and construction workers.

The Sun

The house needs massive repairs, but when the owner sold the land to a developer, he decides to simply move his house! According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the cost of moving the six-bedroom house over seven blocks is about $400,000 USD.

The Sun

Of course, this unusual sight attracted curious passers-by who witness the "moving house" on its journey. Construction workers even had to cut branches of trees so the house could pass through some of the city's tree-lined streets.

The Sun

As you can see in the video below, the mint green colored San Francisco house was loaded onto a flatbed truck and moved from its Franklin Street lot. at his new address on Fulton Street.

Here is a map of the house moving journey! Impressive, isn't it? 

Google Maps

As you already might know California is the most populous and wealthiest state in the United State with San Francisco being one of the most expensive cities. It is also the 29th place on the Barnes City Index making it one of the most attractive cities for luxury real estate investment.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an eight-story condo tower will replace the old house.

What you also move your house if you had to? Or simply start over in a new home?