A mother creates a nine-foot long bed that can fit all the family!

She managed to get it done for only $585! What a bargain!

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If you have kids then you probably know that they often invade your personal space and especially your bed! Natalie Pavitt is mother of two who was tired of fighting for space in her own bed. She first went to the store where she got quoted £2,000 ($2,600USD) for a similar custom-made bed! She refused to pay that price and knew that there was a better solution.

She decided to make her own nine-foot long bed:

"Basically we got two double divan beds with no slip mattresses and they butt up together completely flush! (Meaning no gap for anyone to fall down, you can lay on the join and not know any difference). We've used two king duvets and eight pillows plus two double sheets." said Natalie on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It. 

Photo : Facebook

The two beds came from Bedcentre on Amazon and are actually two divan bases with mattresses and headboards that cost £216 ($280 USD) per bed. The total cost for the giant bed came to £440 ($572 USD) with delivery, so much cheaper than the previous quote at £2,000 ($2,600USD)!

The mom, who is still breastfeeding, can finally get some quality sleep with all that space available! No more fighting for space or pillows.

What do you think of this genius idea? Do you also have crowding issues in the bedroom?