A mother is heavily criticized by internet users because she does her children's homework.

She claims she doesn't want them to be stressed.

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Published 1 month ago
A mother is heavily criticized by internet users because she does her children's homework.
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A mother who revealed that she was doing her children's homework is now being heavily criticized by internet users!

Lottie is the mother of three girls ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. Recently, the mother confessed on TikTok that she has a rule of taking care of homework that 'is not worth it'.

According to Lottie, since her daughters are enrolled in multiple extracurricular activities, they are exhausted when they come home, and thus, the mother wants to give them a respite by taking care of their homework: 'I know all parents help, but I just do the homework. I won't stress them out because of math problems they don't have time to solve. It may not be right, but I will help.'

Lottie's approach has clearly not pleased internet users, who have been numerous in their criticism. For example, some internet users have reproached the mother for 'spoiling' her children or even 'encouraging laziness'.

The mother justified her way of doing things by explaining that many of the homework assignments are unnecessary: 'Some of these projects that these teachers give... I mean, the kids are seven years old... I'm not trying to spoil them, I want to raise them to be strong. My biggest goal in life is to have an honest relationship with my children.'

Beyond these many criticisms, some parents have let the mother know that they have simply banned homework at home.

Finally, one internet user tried to convince Lottie to change her ways by emphasizing the importance of homework: 'Doing your child's work for them will not help them in the long run, unless you want them to grow up as dependent and lazy.'

Let's just say it's rather direct as a statement!

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