A new bridge in Vietnam is amazing the world over with its fascinating architecture.

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These images look like something straight out of a movie, however, they are indeed real! A new bridge in Vietnam has recently been unveiled and looks like something you'd see in a movie such as Lord of the Rings.

It's from the Bored Panda website that this great news story comes from that is sure to put a smile on more than one face and will thrill fans of the Lord of the Rings saga. A bridge has just been unveiled and opened to the public that really looks like it comes straight from one of the books/movies in this mega trilogy. Indeed, the bridge is surrounded by two large stone hands that are strangely reminiscent of the universe created by Tolkien. The Bored Panda website explains that this bridge is called the Golden Bridge and that it is 1400 meters long.

Wikipedia recalls that "The Lord of the Rings is a novel that contains three volumes Tolkien published in 1954 and 1955. The story continues with some of the characters from The Hobbit, the first novel of the author, published in 1937, but the work is more complex and darker ". What is interesting is the whole universe that the author succeeded in creating. Indeed, Wikipedia explains that "the work of Tolkien begins with the creation of languages and the establishment of a setting and characters speaking these languages, developed for a period of over sixty years".

It's also the common thread we find between the work of Tolkien and this bridge; we are immediately transported into a fairytale-themed universe where we almost forget where we actually are. In any case, you can be sure that after reading this article and seeing these breathtaking photos, some people will most definitely seriously consider taking their next vacation in Vietnam and they would be right to do so as they would return home starry-eyed.

The Bored Panda website also explains that Vietnam is experiencing an incredible growth in its tourism industry at the moment and with facilities like these and other incredibly breathtaking and charming landscapes, one can understand why. Vietnam is also a popular destination among French-speaking tourists who see a way of taking a vacation in what feels and looks like a totally radical and unique change of scenery for their holidays.