A restaurant in Amsterdam serves people in individual greenhouses to protect from COVID-19.

Will this be the future of dining out?

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A restaurant in Amsterdam serves people in individual greenhouses to protect from COVID-19.

Would you have thought,  "before Covid-19", that you would miss eating out so much? Even if we get gourmet dishes delivered to at home, the atmosphere, the service and the simple fact of leaving our own dining room seem so far behind us, because of the forced isolation due to coronavirus.

Right now, certain countries are starting a more or less gradual "back to normal". In some places in the world, even the restaurants are reopened! But that requires certain adjustments, because everything is far from having returned "as before".

For example, in China some temporary dividers have been added, often made of cardboard, plastic or glass. While at McDonald's in Taipei, it indicates the temperature of the person who cooked the food. Wow!

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Mediamatic Eten has a different idea.

This vegan restaurant is serving its guests in small individual greenhouses!

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These glasshouses or greenhouses also offer a beautiful view on the water.

Mediamatic Eten, which plans to open on May 21, has five now greenhouses. They are designed for two guests. Ideally, you would expect, two people who live together.

"It's super comfortable, it's nice and the food is delicious," said Janita Vermeulen to  Reuters.


In addition to the greenhouses, the servers wear face shields and serve food on a wooden board to avoid direct contact between the guests and the staff.

"We are now learning how to do the cleaning, how to serve, how to elegantly remove the empty plates, so that you always feel well taken care of," said Willem Velthoven, of Mediamatic, at Reuters.


The establishment also plans to reopen its "normal" dining room after a few adjustments, to help customers maintain social distance.

According to Lonely Planet, the establishment is still awaiting authorization from local and national authorities to use the greenhouses for dinner.

However, reservations are already open and filled quickly until June. The idea of eating a four-course meal in a greenhouse seems to please a lot of people!


Do you think that other restaurants should get inspired by idea?