A Simple Tip To Help Manage Child Separation Anxiety.

An excellent idea for back to school year or start of daycare!

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Back to school is slowly but surely approaching and in addition this year because of COVID-19, it may be stressful for several children and even their parents.

There is nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than seeing their child leave for school or daycare with the eyes full of tears! We all want our child to have fun days in the classroom and in the yard.

However, it is impossible to always protect our little treasures from the stress related to school life or the daycare. Kindergarten can also be anxiety-provoking... leaving daycare or home, being surrounded by new "friends", taking the bus ... Not easy!

To help her little boy, a mother found an easy trick that showed him that she would always stay close to his heart. She shared her tip on social media and many internet users were blown away by her easy idea!

Here is what she wrote:

“My little baby spent his first full day at school today. I saw immediately this morning that he was a little upset. Last week he told me that on his first morning at school he cried a lot because he missed me.

So we had a chat and we came up with the idea of each having a heart that could hug the other if ever we pressed it. And it totally worked! "

The mother drew a heart on her own hand and one on his hand, as well as a "spare" heart on her arm, in case the one on her hand faded.


Mother and son “charged” the battery in their hearts as they held hands during the commute to school. In the evening, when she picked him up from school, she asked him if he had received her hugs during the day and the happy child said yes! I

He added, “I pressed it for a really long time mum, but I didn't cry!" His mother assured him that it was the big hug she had felt during the day. She asked her son if he felt the one she sent him back and the little boy replied in the affirmative.

Mom was very happy and more confident for the rest of the school year.

This mom is a psychologist and it's a safe bet that many parents, once made aware of her tip, did the same with their little schoolchildren!

You can also buy temporary tattoos in the shape of a heart, to add fun to the process.

It just goes to show that sometimes a little something is enough to relieve the great fears of small children!


Do you have kids that start school this year?