A university offers the opportunity to obtain a diploma in... witchcraft!

If there's a Harry Potter in you...

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Published 2 months ago
A university offers the opportunity to obtain a diploma in... witchcraft!

You can definitely study anything at university. And the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom offers a very special curriculum starting in September 2024.

What if you could have a wizard diploma? More specifically, a diploma in magic and occult science!

Unfortunately, the magic wand is not provided!

People who enroll in this program will study the history of witchcraft and its impact on the world, combining society and science. Among other things, it will address the role that magic has had and continues to have in the East and the West.

Students will expand their knowledge in areas such as history, literature, archaeology, philosophy, sociology, theater, psychology, and religion.

Currently, the University of Exeter is the only institution to offer such a comprehensive graduate program on such vast topics.

An extremely interesting program for those interested in myths and legends, such as the legend of King Arthur or the existence of dragons in literature and art.

Contemporary themes will also be studied, such as Islamic thought, archaeological theory and practice, and women in the Middle Ages.

This curriculum was created by Professor Emily Selove, who explains what motivated the school to launch it:

"A recent renewed interest in magic and the occult, both inside and outside the academic world, lies at the heart of our society's most urgent questions. Decolonization, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism, and anti-racism are central to this program. This master's degree will enable people to reexamine the hypothesis that the West is the place of rationalism and science, while the rest of the world is a place of magic and superstition."

What could this diploma be useful for?

Pursuing this program can be helpful for careers in teaching, counseling or mentoring, working in heritage or museum fields, in libraries, in tourism, in art organizations, or in the publishing industry, for example.

It's certainly not like studying at Hogwarts, but it sounds interesting!

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