A woman builds a dream room under her stairs for her dog

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A woman builds a dream room under her stairs for her dog

It is always nice to have a personal space even if you are a dog !

Betty McCall is Pancho's owner, a 4-year-old chihuahua. She decided that her beloved dog, deserved to have its own space.

Betty's nephew decided to document Aunt Betty's work by filming a video of her creation.

The theme of Pancho's room is Harry Potter, a very original theme for a dog.

The new Pancho's bedroom is under the stairs like Harry Potter by the way! As you can see in the video, Pancho looks very happy in its new home.

The dog has its own bed, food, water and even drawers to store its treats and toys.

Pancho is a happy dog in this beautiful space !                                      

But Pancho is not the only lucky dog to have its own space. Building a room for your dog is becoming more common.

On the internet, many dog owners share pictures of the rooms they have created for their cute dogs.

You can see an example below:

Mia is also a lucky dog. She has her own pink bed, a small pink bedside table with the word "love" on it and even her name is written on the wall ! She is so lucky !

In the video below, she wears a little pajamas (pink too) and seems really happy in her new bedroom !

The room is so amazing it looks almost like a kids room !

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In a more classic style, here are other examples of rooms reserved for our four - legged friends.

Some examples are less focused on decoration but are more useful and functional.

Nonetheless these bedrooms are perfect for our four-legged friends !

There are comfortable sofas, shelves for toys and unusual canine decoration.

With such rooms, dogs should not want to leave the house !

Dogs are loving and loyal animals, so it is good to reward them with that kind of attention.

Congratulations to these dog owners for doing this for their dogs, it's a very good deed ! Dogs deserve their own bedroom !