A woman buys this old damaged caravan and turns it into a beautiful little home

An incredible job

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One day an American named Mandi Gubler came home with an old caravan from 1973. Her husband was puzzled, but she had an idea in her mind.

She had bought it on the website : Craigslist, for only $1,000. When we see the bad state of the caravan, we can say that it was not worth much more.

When he saw his wife Mandi coming with the caravan, her husband, Court, asked her what was she thinking ? ?

But Mandi had an idea. She wanted to renovate the caravan and turn it into a true little paradise for traveling and relaxing.

She nicknamed the caravan : " The Nugget ", and she started to work to renovate her caravan.

During four months, she worked to renovate her caravan.

She documented her work by posting photos on a blog.

When Mandi bought the caravan, it was really in a poor condition. It had been badly damaged by the water and there were several holes inside.

Mandi decided to tear out most of the interior of the caravan and to rebuild it completely. Even the panels on the outside of the caravan needed to be ripped off.

When you now watch the caravan from the outside, you can see the incredible work she did.

This caravan is like new !

The interior has also some surprises. Drawers and bunk beds have been removed, making the interior less claustrophobic.

Mandi has added plants and wooden shelves as well as purple sofas that look very cozy.

She painted a yellow wall and the new wooden door give even more character to this little house !

But that's not all, the new wooden floor is beautiful ! They removed the old avocado green floor and replaced it with a beautiful wooden floor.

After only four months of work, the result is really impressive.

Congratulations to Mandi and her husband Court who helped her to realize this crazy project.

Today people do not ask her why she bought this caravan, but they ask her how she did it!

We now wish them wonderful trips aboard this beautiful caravan.