A woman from Texas severely burned after hand sanitizer exploded.

You should always be careful while using hand sanitizer!

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Katie Wise is a single mom of three from Round Rock, Texas who lived a true nightmare earlier this month.  The mom was simply trying to light a candle and end up in the ICU with severe burns (second to third degree) all over her body!

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Wise put on hand sanitizer and then proceed to light a candle when the flames started to reach wherever she put hand sanitizer! She then jumped back as a reflex, and touched the bottle which exploded, according to her, like a "bomb". 

“It can be something as small as lighting a candle,” Wise said to KHOU 11. “Because of the hand sanitizer, it just lit my whole ... everywhere I had hand sanitizer on my hand, it just lit my hand with fire.”

“And it obviously went all over my face. And, in like a matter of five seconds, my whole body was just consumed in flames,” she added.

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The brave mom was able somehow to remove the burning clothes from her body while her daughters ran to get help. As this was not enough, the mom had to carry her oldest daughter out of house because of her disability. 

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"It’s something that you never want your kids to see," Wise said. 

Unfortunately, because of the explosion the family lost most of their furniture and other possession due to smoke damage.  Katie's best friend Kathryn Bonesteel started a fundraiser page on Go Fund Me.

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Bonesteel believes that the accident is due to the off-brand hand sanitizer Wise purchased at her local grocery store:

"COVID-19 has brought many unsafe products to our shelves. Many of which have not been properly tested and are not safe. Be careful of what you put on your body. Make sure what you are using is FDA approved." said her best friend. 

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This is a really sad story, please make sure to read the label before you make any purchase of protective equipment. 

Do you use hand sanitizer often?