A woman is redoing the makeup on dolls to showcase what real beauty is!

What a great way to teach our little girls that they are beautiful just the way they are!

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If you have children or have recently been shopping for dolls, you probably noticed how different they look now! Many of the dolls sold at the stores are true "fashionistas" with modern, sometimes even inappropriate outfits and lots of makeup. 

Sonia Singh is an artist who wanted something different for her kids, she wanted natural looking dolls! She was not able to find them at the store, so she decided to take the matter into her own hands by upcycling second-hand ones! 

Called Tree Change Dolls, her dolls are very different than what you can find in stores. They are natural looking dolls with fun outfits and ready for adventures! 

Sonia "rescue" the dolls from thrift stores and gives them a new life. She first start by removing the excess makeup and repaints them for a natural look. If needed, she will repair hands and feet and even gives them a hair makeover! The hair is cleaned, trimmed if needed and restyled into a fun look. 

Singh has some help from her mom who would knit and sew beautiful outfits for the dolls. They are more practical and comfortable clothes that are designed for outdoor fun! 

You can get her dolls from her Etsy shop, however they sell out fast so you must be ready as she releases some every month! 

She also donates a portion of the sales to different charities such as  the Tasmanian Land Conservancy that helps protect the unique and wonderful natural habitats for future generations. What a nice gesture.

Here are my dolls for the month of September! These little dolls will be available in my Etsy shop...

Posted by Tree Change Dolls on Friday, August 28, 2020

What do you think of today's dolls? Do you believe they should be make with less makeup? Will you take a look at Sonia's dolls?