A woman transforms an old garage into a tiny house, it's very pretty and comfortable!

Beautiful tiny house!

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Many people who own a garage use it to store items they do not need.

However, the Fabiosa website, tells the story of Michelle de la Vega, from Seattle, USA, who decided to turn her garage into a pretty mini-home.

For only $32,000, the transformation of her garage allows her to live comfortably in a small space.

The house includes a bed, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Here is the garage before its transformation:

Michelle de la Vega's Mini House before the transformation: an inconspicuous old garage | photo © Michelle de la Vega

Posted by Stylepark on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And here is the new mini-home!


The bed has been moved upstairs to save space.

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The kitchen is both simple and functional

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Old lockers have been installed as locker rooms

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A fireplace keeps the house warm while giving a warm touch to the room!

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Even in a small space, the decoration is very nice!

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A bathtub in the bathroom.

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