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According to a new study, some astrological signs are luckier than others!

3 signs have a better chance of winning lottery!

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According to a research by The Loft, Australia's Official Lottery provider, some astrological signs are more likely than others to hit the jackpot in games of chance.

The study looked at Lotto winners in Australia in 2019 and published a ranking of the most frequently won zodiac signs.

The luckiest would be the Pisces, who accumulate 11.6% of the winners.

If you believe in astrology, this result should not a surprise! Pisces are known to be dreamers who are not necessarily pragmatic. Therefore, they do not worry on the low odds of winning the jackpot but rather on the hope of being the winner! Also, Pisces is probably the most intuitive sign of the Zodiac: it often has a lot of odds in lottery games.

The second place of the podium is occupied by the natives of the sign of Gemini, with 9.9% of the gains while the sign of Virgo, in third place, with 8.9% of the lucky ones.

The less fortunate of the Zodiac would be the fire signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. The latter is the least likely to win, with only 6% of winners. These astrological sign are known for their great sense of justice and practicality: playing games of chance don't make no sense for them!

On the other hand: Taurus, Scorpios and Aquarius all score 8.5%. Cancer scores 8.3%, while Libras and Capricorns are both 7.7%.

There would therefore be a "zodiacal disparity" in the universe of gambling luck!

Do you tend to believe in astrology? What is your astrological sign?