According to science, cats can recognize up to 50 words

Your cat understands you better than you think!

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Published 3 months ago
According to science, cats can recognize up to 50 words

Sometimes we think that cats, these independent animals, don't understand anything we say and that talking to them is like talking to a wall. But that's not true and science has proven it.

According to a recent study, domestic felines ​​can understand several of our statements!

The study was published on the website. It reveals that cats can recognize certain words and also, humans' body language.

The researchers who conducted this study assert that cats can understand on average between 20 and 40 words. Some of them even understand up to fifty.

However, this understanding is based on word associations and intonation rather than on true linguistic comprehension.

This understanding can be compared to that of young children. For both little humans and cats, short words are better understood.

According to science, cats can recognize up to 50 words
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The Master's Voice and Calm Words

Moreover, research indicates that cats' understanding also comes from their humans' body language and tone of voice.

Depending on the words spoken and their intonation, the animal can associate familiar situations, such as their food or games, for example.

Therefore, a cat can recognize compliments, sweet words, and commands.

We also learn that the little feline can recognize their name. One can notice this when it is pronounced and Minou meows, wags their ears, head, or tail.

Cats recognize their preferred human's voice and react more easily if the voice is soft and calm.

However, they do not have the cognitive abilities necessary to interpret human language.

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