After 16 children, this mother does not intend to stop: “We will keep having babies until we can't have anymore.“

Meet this incredible family of 18!

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To become a mother is the wish of many women. While some want one of two children, others dream of a large family. But is there a number when you should stop having children? For Jeni Bobell that number doesn't exist: she has 16 children and does not intend to stop. 

When she met her future husband Ray, Jeni didn't even want children! She said that she couldn't imagine herself as a mother. Today, the couple  have 16 children and Jen says she wants more.

Instagram: @thebonellfamily_

The Bonell family is composed of nine boys and seven girls aged 30 to 4: Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn. Ray and Jen are the parents of Australia's largest family! 

After the arrival of their first two children, Jeni wanted a third, but they did not stop and still want to expand their family. 

You can follow the couple on Youtube, where they ran a channel where they talk about managing their huge family. In a recent video, the woman was asked if they are going to have more children to which she answered: 

"We would love more kids. It hasn't quite happened yet, but we would love more."

Jeni added: "We are very happy with what we've got, we are very open to having more.

"Eventually, age and that next season of life will prevent that, but there is always hope.

"If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't, we're happy either way."

Later in the interview she said: "We will keep having babies until we can't have kids anymore."

It can be very complicated to raise 16 children, but that you never get bored! every day is different from the day before and the day after:

 "It's fun.

"There are a lot of sacrifices that come with having a family this size, but for us, it's right. For a lot of other people it might not be.'

"But we put 100 per cent into raising our kids and into our family life so for us it's perfect." said Jeni. 

Looking at the photos of this smiling family, one wonders if other little Bonell will come to make life even more eventful for these two parents.

Instagram: @thebonellfamily_

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