After two years on the real estate market, no one wants to buy Canada's most expensive home.

A $ 59 million home.

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A residence located in Oakville, Ontario

Take a look and try to imagine yourself living in this house. Would you like to live in a house that has 13 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a huge lot with a chapel, a home theater room, a bowling alley, a huge kitchen, a game room, an indoor pool, there are lots of woodwork, old paintings and stunning chandeliers ?

We often think, quite wrongly, that huge homes are selling fast enough, because people have the money to buy such homes, but that's not true.

This $ 59 million residence has been on the real estate market for more than 2 years and nobody seems to want to buy this house, well... we must have the financial means to pay the maintenance of this property; just for the taxes, it costs more than 260 000 dollars for this residence!

It's time to be curious.


The giant property known as Chelster Hall is next to Lake Ontario and reminds the old houses from Newport, Rhode Island, but with a Baroque style.

Spectacular ?

Some people will find the entrance impressive and others will not be at all impressed by it. And you ? Are you impressed or not ?

Formal living room

Did you know that it took 5 years to plan and build this residence ? Here is the living room and its ceiling that rises to the second floor. Don't you think it's funny to see curtains on the top windows?


Here is now the library where we expect to see a man come up with a pipe in his hand and reading glasses.

Dining room

Do you have a big family ? There is room for everyone at the table.


I hope the people who cook in this kitchen do not complain about the size of it !

Main bedroom

Don't you feel like you're in a room somewhere in a castle in Europe ?

Bowling alley and home theater room

The house also features a home theater room and a bowling alley.

Indoor swimming pool

This $ 59 million residence had to have an indoor swimming pool!

Other bedrooms

As you can see, the decor of the other bedrooms looks like to the rest of this house; chandeliers, high ceilings, furniture.

Family room

Even the family room is elegant!

Outdoor swimming pool

Why not having also an outdoor swimming pool? Did you know that payments for this house were approximately $ 257,000 per month?


The property even has a private chapel!

43,000 square feet

This luxurious residence has more than 43,000 square feet! I have the impression that residents of this house often have to look for each other.

Tennis court

The property obviously has a tennis court. The first picture shows the residence when viewed from Lake Ontario.

What do you think ?

How do you find this $ 59 million residence ? If you had the financial means, would that be the kind of house you would like?

Feel free to leave us your impressions of the visit. Personally, this kind of residence does not really impress me and I prefer a nice little house than a domain like this, but everyone has different tastes !