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Christmas cactus!

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Cacti are plants that require little maintenance. On the other hand, if we want to obtain good results and make they bloom, we must know the habits of certain species of cactus.

Like the habits, or rather the preferences of the Christmas Cactus.

They are called (Schlumbergera) "Thanksgiving cactus", or Christmas cactus because they bloom normally during the holiday season.

And Christmas cactus needs only three things to grow and bloom:

The good light. The right amount of water. And the good fertilizers. With these three important elements, a Christmas cactus will bloom around December 1 of each year.

The light :

This cactus likes the sun, but you will need to protect it a little bit. Direct sunlight could affect it and prevent it from blooming. A net curtain on the window will be enough to protect it from the sun.

How often do you need to water a Christmas cactus :

The Christmas cactus prefers dry soils, like most cacti. So, wait until the soil is dry and that it has slightly started to change color before watering the plant.

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How to fertilize a Christmas cactus :

In the spring and fall, you can give it some fertilizer, but in a moderate way. Either by diluting the fertilizer in water, or with an organic fertilizer. If the cactus leaves soften, or turn yellow, or become brownish, it means that you water it too much. Read : How often do you need to water a Christmas cactus ?

How to encourage a Christmas cactus to bloom?

Limit the amount of water during the month of November. As mentioned above. The cactus prefers dry soils. So if you "provoke" it, it will make beautiful flowers from the beginning of December.

Also, cacti feel good in rooms where it is over 12 ° C (50-55 ° F). So, avoid too cold rooms, and don't leave them outside at night if the nights are too cold.

And once a cactus has bloomed thanks to excellent conditions, it may surprise you and bloom several times a year.

Take up this challenge ! And let us know if you succeed in making bloom your Schlumbergera!

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