All these people had brilliant ideas to recycle PVC pipes! After seeing these you will want to try them!

20 ideas we all need to see!

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((20 great ideas))

All these people have had the brilliant idea to use PVC pipes and make stuff for home or for children! Some have taken remaining pipes they had at home! Some others got the pipes to make their project!

Do you have PVC pipes at home? See what you can do with it! You do not have PVC pipes? You will want to get some!

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((20 great ideas!))

Not everyone has the chance of having a pool! But during a heatwave, it's good to refresh!

A sand and water game table for toddlers!

Perfect for storing seasonal clothes in the basement!

((20 great ideas!))

An irrigation system for the lawn or the garden!

An efficient way to optimize storage in a tiny space!

Did your child always like to play into the ball pool?

((20 great ideas!))

Easy to make a Tipi

Good for garbage and laundry!

Convenient to wash doggie outdoor!

((20 great ideas!))

Perfect to make a greenhouse!

Tablet holder!

To store and organize tools on a workbench!

((20 great ideas!))

A hammock with a very original shape!

A screen for more privacy outside when you want to sunbathe!

Unusual lights!

((20 great ideas!))

Your vegetable garden would be safe from small rodents with these fences!

Children can have fun with sand, or water !!

((20 great ideas!))

An outdoor lounge and net curtains for more privacy!

Is your computer hot when you work? With this system it can be ventilated!