Aluminum can tabs are easy to work with: here are 20 projects to inspire you!

Fun ideas to recycle all this beautiful material!

Tips and Crafts

If you consume a lot of cans of all kinds at home, you will soon find that you can accumulate an impressive amount of these small tabs to make accessories, decorations or even rather impressive jewelry!

You can make all these beautiful projects with embroidery thread, hook thread, tie wraps, nylon thread of various colors, large sewing thread, or with strong glue for quick-setting.

And if you know how to crochet, you can even make impressive pieces with a crochet hook and colored thread!

Here are 20 projects to do with aluminum can tabs:

1) With a hook and thread of the color of your choice, it is easy to make bracelets with can tabs, if you know how to embroider.

Here is a nice model that you could recreate.

2) By using an LED bulb (because the LED bulbs do not emit heat) this shade is safe to use and you can make it in the colors of your choice. Use metal spray paint. The Krylon brand is excellent. And cut the pins with wire cutters to connect them to each other.

3) This fruit bowl is beautiful and simple to make with sliding fasteners. (tie wrap)

4) Here we have stitched big thread with a big needle instead!

5) Transforming worn or broken sandals is also a great idea!

6) This belt, you won't find anything like it elsewhere, that's for sure! It is one of a kind.

7) Super simple to do and very useful!

8) This skirt is beautifully made and it sits perfectly well!

9) WOW! A bit of quick-setting strong glue is enough to glue these pins to each other in this particular shaped lamp shade!

10) Nobody will expect to receive a bottle of wine in a gift bag like this one!

11) With rainbow embroidery thread, it's quite easy to make a headband for hair like this one.

12) A more fun type kind of tie to wear for a special occasion!

13) Here is a Halloween costume, or a costume for all kids who like playing role playing games!

14) This handbag is simply beautiful!!!

15) These small women's wallets are chic and perfect for small party bags.

16) Original sculptures made by a remarkable artist! 

17) This necklace would be elegant with a little black dress.

18) A very cute bracelet, easy to achieve

19) Vases, easy to create!

20) And finally, a fun Halloween costume! Prevent aliens from stealing your brain! Assemble the pins with colorful nylon strings!

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