Amazing hack to get perfect curls hair using a robe belt!

You won't believe how good your hair will look with no heat or product!

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As most non-essential businesses have closed their door during the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, many people are turning into at-home beauty solutions. Many woman are currently missing their favourite hairstylist and some might be lost without professional hairdresser's help.

But this one hack that has gone viral on social media might help a lot of woman having perfectly curled hair without any heat or product! The hack requires that you braid your hair with a fabric and guess what works the best? 

A pair of socks, stocking, robe belt or a scarf! Things that we all already have at home? Once you have your braids, sleep with the fabric in your hair and wake up with beautiful effortless curls! Curious to learn how? Watch the video below!

It is pretty amazing right?

So what you have to do, is plaid each side of your hair around the fabric - just like two pigtails! Sleep with it, then uplait your hair and remove the fabric and voila! Amazing hair! This trick works best if you hair is still a little damp from showering. You can also damp your hair a little before.

Justine Marjan, a celebrity hairstylist, tested the hack herself! She explains: "Create a regular three-strand French braid all the way to the ends. Each time you add hair from the sides to the braid, make sure you don't add any hair to the section that has the stocking"

"Once you have braided both sides of your hair with the stockings in place, fix them in place at the ends, either using a hair tie, or by tying the remaining fabric in a knot, and then remove the clips. "

Will you be trying this hack at home? It looks so easy!

Even if you are not leaving the house due to the quarantine, you can still look fabulous!