Amazing trick for beginner gardeners: use a muffin pan in your garden!

An amazing way to quickly space seeds in your garden! Save time and guesswork!

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If you are having a garden for the first time this year or are always looking for tips here is an amazing one! It can be hard for beginners to figure out the right way to space your seeds so your plants can grow properly. 

This trick will surely help you to space your seeds much easier and faster, and with no measuring required. All you need is a simple muffin pan!

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Using a muffin pan will make your planting go so much faster! This technique will work best if you need to plant something that doesn't require too much spacing, such as onions bulbs for example.

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You can even use a mini muffin pan for smaller plants! Great for carrots, beets, or parsnip seeds!

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All you have to do is press the muffin pan onto the soil. Then place the plants in the holes, cover with soil and you are done! Isn't that amazing?

Have you tried this technique before?

How do you space your plants in your garden usually? Do you have any tips or tricks?