An original decor idea: empty frames! 15 beautiful ideas to inspire you.

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Published 2 years ago
An original decor idea: empty frames! 15 beautiful ideas to inspire you.

Are you looking for new and original ways to decorate your interior? Think about frames...but without pictures! 

Here are 15 creative ideas to inspire you! 

1. Multiple frames

Add different shapes and sizes of frames for an amazing result! 


2. Shabby Chic Flowers 

An IKEA frame, your favourite flowers and a vase! 


3. Key Holder 

Instead of a picture, use vintage objects! These old-fashioned key frame will look really good in an entrance! 


4. Earring Holder

What a nice decorative and useful piece! 

sharing the wealth

5. Butterflies 

We love this idea of butterflies flying away! 


6. Towel Holder 

This will truly make your bathroom stand out from the others! You can even use old frames from the thrift store! 

robo junker

7. Outdoor Living Room

What a great way to decorate the backyard!


8. Ceiling Medalion

So beautiful! 

The Hopeless Romantic

9. Flowers In Vase

Use fake flowers for a long-lasting decor element. 


10. Framed Greenery

You can also use artificial greenery around the frame! 


11. Light Switch Covers

The proof that decorating doesn't have to be expensive!


12. Framed Wreath 

Instead of a picture, display a beautiful wreath! You can switch according to seasons. 

worthing court

13. Creative Gallery

To create an accent wall, use empty frames, monograms and blooms in vase! Beautiful!

in my own style

14. Framed Branches

A very inexpensive idea! You only need some branches and an old frame!

worthing court

15. Jewellery Holder

Organize all your jewellery and decorate your home at the same time!


What do you think of this idea of empty frame? Will you add a few in your home?

Source: Inspideco