An owner's way to keep people off his lawn is dividing people on the internet.

Some applaud the idea, others denounce it.

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Published 9 months ago
An owner's way to keep people off his lawn is dividing people on the internet.

Some owners put a lot of effort into maintaining a beautiful lawn in front of their house or simply wish to have privacy on their own property. However, not all passersby respect this and walk all over people's grass.

So a man found an original solution to his passerby problem and internet users are divided. Genius or mean idea?

A man named Thomas posted a video on TikTok showing people crossing his lawn at all times of the day.

Fed up with this habit, Thomas installed an automatic sprinkler that triggers when someone steps on his grass.

In the video, disrespectful passersby suddenly get soaked and run away. The post has garnered millions of views, likes, and comments.

While some internet users find this initiative intelligent, others find it petty and claim that a fence would solve the problem.

'It is impolite to walk on someone else's lawn,' someone wrote. Someone else said, 'If you care so much about your property, install a fence.'

'Pro-Thomas' supporters wrote that a fence is a more expensive and less practical solution.

The debate has raised questions about property rights and public access. While some internet users think walking on people's lawns is uncivilized, others claim that the streetside area is public and that a sprinkler is excessive.

The main person involved is satisfied with his solution. He wrote: 'When people don't stop walking on your lawn, install an automatic sprinkler.'

But Thomas is not the first to have thought of this repellent method. In this video, we see a young man who made his own water sprayer.

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Source: Ipnoze