Animal hair stay on your clothes even after the washing? Try these clever life hacks!

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Animal hair stay on your clothes even after the washing? Try these clever life hacks!

Are your clothes always covered with hair, even when your clothes have just been washed because there's hair everywhere in the house? It is true that with pets, the hairs, we have to live with them!

There is still a way to eliminate a large part of them thanks to these tricks:


Before washing your clothes covered with hairs, pass them to the dryer for 10 minutes with a cycle without heat. The movement and the air of the dryer will help the hairs to get away from clothes. Simply wash your clothes normally afterwards.

Shake well all clothes before putting them into the machine.

Add ½ cup of white vinegar to the water of your washing machine: vinegar will help the fibers to loosen up and release the hair that are stuck to it.

Shake the clothes again before putting them in the dryer.

Use a tennis ball or foil ball in the dryer: the movement of the ball on the clothes will help to dislodge the hair.

Wood floor

Do not vacuum your wood floors: instead use a mop covered with an electrostatic cloth, it will accumulate a maximum of hairs! The vacuum cleaner on the contrary causes the hairs to fly in all directions with the air movement, while the electrostatic cloth will attract them!


Sprinkle baking soda on your rugs and vacuum 3 times in the same spot In a back and forth movement, really careful, 3 times! You will be amazed at the amount of hairs picked up!

If the corners and edges of rugs are darker, it is likely that they are dirty with hair! Use a rubber glove, wet it and pass a finger on the edge, between the carpet and the wood, you will see all the hair that you will manage to extract with this wet glove!


Dust the furniture with a lightly wet microfibre cloth. Too much water would spoil the electrostatic effect of the cloth! But the water on the cloth will hold the hair even more.

Dust fabric armchairs and sofas with a rubber glove or with a Squeegee It is magical! Really more efficient and economical than a sticky roller for clothes! The Squeegee will also be convenient in the car to clean the seats covered with hair.

If the couch fabric is your pet's favorite place, cover it with a small cover! When someone arrives, remove the cover!

With all this tips, you will find fewer and fewer animal hair on your clothes and everywhere in your belongings! This is a war you will never win completely, but you can win some great battles!

The blogger of Clean My Space explains all of these and many other stuff in this video.. [pub]