Are you tired of running out of storage in your bathroom? Here are some great solutions!

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One of the main struggles of a small bathroom is the lack of storage. You can minimize, of course, but there are always a few things you will definitely need in your bathroom: towels, makeup, toothpaste, etc.

And where do you put all this? Some small bathrooms have very little (or no) storage in cabinets, or closets.

We then turn to a less obvious storage spot: the wall.

If you live in a house that has a small bathroom; take a look at the following pictures, maybe you will find the solution to your storage problem?

Small shelf

Here's a trick that's as elegant as it is practical: mounting a shelf to the wall underneath your bathroom mirror. Like on this picture. This is a great way to add more storage for bathroom stuff.

Next to the mirror

If there's a wall to either the left or the right of your sink, that's a great spot for some wall-mounted shelves.

Above the toilet

Another great spot for wall-mounted shelves, is above the toilet! Finding a spot for all that extra toilet paper can be tricky, so why not use this space?


If you prefer to hide your toilet paper, you can opt for a wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet, like this one from IKEA. Take care to choose a shallow cabinet otherwise you will bang your head often!

No cabinets? It does not matter!

Your bathroom does not have cabinets? Install a wall cabinet! These are visually interesting and may take up less space than those on the floor.

Every inch!

If there is some space between your toilet and the wall, this could be a good place to put some shelves. These particular shelves take advantage of a deeper nook, but even if your shelves are only three or four inches deep, they can hold toilet paper and bathroom supplies.


This small bathroom uses a series of baskets, attached to the wall. This is the perfect place to store towels of different sizes.

Wire baskets?

Keep your hair products in a basket like this!

Above the door?

Have you thought about using the space above the door? These wire shelves from IKEA are perfect for storing towels and extra supplies.

In corner?

Have you thought about corner shelves? Use every inch in your bathroom!

Behind the door

Finding a place to hang towels, especially in a bathroom shared by several people, can be a challenge.

Mount the towel racks to the back of the bathroom door! You can also add storage behind the door with a wall-mounted storage system like this model. Obviously, if you have children you will keep your medications elsewhere so that they can't reach them.

Do you know this storage?

IKEA's Trones storage boxes are designed for shoes, but their slim profile makes them an excellent candidate for all kinds of other storage spaces, especially in places where space is limited.

This storage is only 7 inches deep and can be installed in small nooks and crannies, providing a perfect catchall for bathroom necessities !

I hope these ideas help you!