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Are you wearing the right bra size? You can make sure with these helpful tips!

Ladies, choosing your bra is not as easy as you might think!

Tips and Crafts

Bras is the garment worn by millions of women, but yet so many don't know which bra is the best or even their right size! So many women are wearing the wrong bra which are too uncomfortable and end up dig into their skin. Sometimes it simply slip off their shoulders or even create weird spillage situations. 

If you are dreaming about getting home to get your bra off, you're probably wearing the wrong size! Here are 4 tips on how to choose the most suitable bra for your breasts.

We would all think of bras as easy to buy and put on underwear, but the fact is, behind this garment lies a lot more complexity than you might think. 

1. Find the right size

Finding the right size can be difficult, but it is most important for good support. A good bra doesn't just mean a pretty bust highlighted by beautiful materials and shapes. It's also better posture, back relief and a more comfortable daily life, Triumph writes on its website. To find your size, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Measure the perimeter just below the bust, then round off the number to the nearest. 

Step 2: To measure the cup size, find the place where the bust is the largest. Hold the tape measure relatively loose, as wrong results might be obtained if you press too tight. Then look in a measurement chart for the chest.

Tables are generally available in stores and online.

When the size is right, you will see the difference because you will be much more comfortable! 

2. Do not wear it too tight

It is also important to keep in mind that the breasts should not “stick out”, neither above, nor near the armpit, nor make a small bulge in the back.

A good-fitting bra should be supportive without being too tight. How to determine it your bra is too tight? Simply raise your arms and turn your body side to side, if nothing moves, congrats! It means that your bra actually fits you.  

3. For generous breasts

If you have a more generous bust, it might be a good idea to go for wider straps. While it might not be the prettiest look, it will allow you to have support without putting too much pressure on your shoulders.

A rule of thumb to know if your straps are too tight is to try to fit two fingers under the strap. Same thing goes for the back!

4. Know when to change your bras

We all have that one bra we love the most and are probably wearing for too long. Is it time to say good-bye? If you feel like you have the support you need and it is still comfortable - then there's no rush to buy a new one! A good bra will usually last a year or two. 

So yes, choosing your bra is not as easy as you might think! But with these few tricks, you will be able to be more comfortable in your day to day life!