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Be very careful, these little blue “balls” in your garden are not blueberries!

Do not touch or eat them!

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Gardening is a fun and relaxing experience for many people, but we all have to agree that we can find some really strange things in the vegetable patch or the flower beds!

This is the case with these weird little "blueberries" that you might find in your garden. These are not fruits and are actually little critters called Homaemus Proteus!  Texas entomologist Mandy Trichell confirms that that insect is a type of Jewel Bug/Shield Bug. These bugs are usually harmless to humans but can cause a lot of damage to plants and farm crops!

According to the Bug Guide, you have more chance to find them in the Spring or Fall and can be seen in a wide range of colours such as orange, gold, brown or black. 

If you are not growing any blueberries in your garden and you see these little blue balls, do not eat them!

These little bugs should not be dangerous but they can be very smelly! While some people might find them cute and adorable, remember not to touch them and of course do not eat them! You are more likely to find them in fields, shrubby areas or woody edges in the beginning of fall.

Have you ever seen these little "dancing blueberries" in your backyard?