Beautiful ideas to make your own soaps

This hobby has already been very trendy! Today, it has become an art!

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You may have already seen an aunt, or a neighbor make her own soaps when you were young. This hobby was much more common in the 70s-80s than today. But we were too young to be able to help the grown-ups who made all these great soaps ... And they smelt so good! Have you ever thought about doing this hobby? Because the techniques have evolved so much, that if you have not tried anything yet, you will fall in love with all these great ideas!

You can buy the material in an artist's store, such as Micheals or De Serres. You will find in these stores, molds to make soaps, soap bases, soap colorants, as well as essential oils to perfume your soaps.

Here are some great ideas to make your own soaps :

Soaps of all colors:

1) Melt soap and add a little bit into a soap mold. Add a drop of colorant at the top and bottom of the mold, but do not mix the colors. Then add the melted soap base, then unmould the soaps once they are dry.

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2) Roses frozen in clear soap:

This one is amazing! And so easy to do: A beautiful rose in a clear soap!

Melt soap and add rose essential oils and pink soap colorant. Then use the lids of the plastic dishes to make several layers of rose petals. Once the petals of roses are dry, unmold them and roll them. Cut the base to make a short rose. Pour clear soap into a round soap mold and push the rose all the way down until you no longer see bubbles in the clear soap. Add clear, melted soap into the 2nd part of the round mold and close the round mold until the soap ball is set.

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3) WOW !! WOW !! WOW !! Collect your leftovers of colored soap to make gemstone-shape soaps!

Cut your soap into small pieces and place them in a plastic cup. Then add some clear melted soap into the cup and let it dry. Once the soap is dry, cut the cup with a utility knife (X-Acto) and always with the same knife, cut the soap to give it a shape of precious stone!

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4) Soaps that looks like honey:

Use bubble wrap, a silicone mold, soap base, orange and white soap colorant, and essential oil of your choice to make soaps that looks like honey!

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5) And finally, make sponge soaps for all members of the family:

Use a muffin tin, soap base, soap colorant, the essential oil of your choice, rope and a loofah sponge to make soap sponges to hang in the shower!

Source:Facebook video 5 Minutes Crafts

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